Privacy Policy

As a liable educational site, we present our privacy as follows as a response to legal requirements. It covers all the aspects of personal data collecting and managing which is all the site users must be aware of. We demand you to read the whole privacy policy properly and understand. Usually, we assume that you have read and understood our privacy policy when you visit our presents as “We” or “Us” henceforth in this statement.

What Is Privacy Policy And What Is Covered

Privacy Policy is a legal statement that reveals the strategies and methods used to collect personal information of site users. It covers all the strategies and methods that are used to collect, manage and secure your personal information.

Personal Information Collection

As smart users, all users know that there are websites that are based on various purposes such as commercial, education and non-profit. We belong to the education category and we serve as a knowledge base for interested users. Therefore, we are not collecting your sensitive personal data such as bank details, contact details, and Personal interests.

Instead of sensitive data, we collect rough data such as site visits, page visits, download button clicks to improve and maintain our site. We essentially this information to determine the place we hold in the search query. It helps users to get to know what should be done to elevate our site and its content.

Methods To Collect Personal Information

As mentioned above, we are not engaging with direct and sensitive personal data that collect from users directly. Instead, we circularly assume users' visits and behaviours on our site using technical methods such as Internet cookies which are commonly known as Cookies.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are one and only method we use to grab the personal data of our site visitors. Technically, cookies are referred to as small data files that are transmitted by the respected website to the user's browser to be saved on the user's computer or smartphone.

As websites do not have the ability to remember stateful information or arbitrary pieces of information cookies work as a reliable mechanism to remember them on behalf of the website. The website uses these cookies to convince users at logins and navigation through the website by providing details that entered at the previous visit. Arbitrary pieces of information contain sensitive data such as bank details.

We do not collect or ask you to provide them and we do not collect or use them for any purpose. But we collect stateful information such as your visits and your behaviour on our site and buttons clickings etc.

What Kind Of Cookies We Are Using

Session Cookies - Session cookies are called as an in-memory cookie, transient cookie, and non-persistent cookie. As the name denotes Session Cookies has a short life span and only active when a user is navigating through the site. As soon as the web browser is closed Session Cookies terminate and no further effects.

Persistent Cookies - Persistent cookies works against Session cookies and exists for a specific time period that has been determined by the website. Persistent cookies transmit users' information to our web server until the assigned time period ends. Persistent cookies help us to analyze the users browsing the history, site visits and understand how it affects our website.

You can terminate all the cookies by using specific settings on your web browser. But, technically it may affect the site functionality

Sharing Your Personal Information

We do not directly share your personal details with other third-parties. But we cannot guarantee that your personal information is not grabbed by other parties. Because we are participating in some marketing strategies such as Advertising and Affiliate Advertising etc. occasionally.

When engaging with third-parties your personal data may disclose to them since they are using Cookies to track their users browsing history. These cookies belong to third-party cookies in terminology and we do not have the authorization to be partial or impartial to their cookie policy. But as a responsible site, we would like to ask you not to follow any link of advertisements if you are not interested.

Contests and Promotions

You may be able to see advertisements for Contests and Promotions on our website time to time that are sponsored by our third-party advertisers. Some contests and promotions may require your sensitive personal data if you are interested in participate. Make user check how they are going to use your personal data before participating in a contest or promotion to ensure the security of your personal data

Privacy Policy Update

You can check the timely changes that are done on our privacy policy page. We encourage you to visit our privacy policy page occasionally to be informed about such changes.

As, we hope that now you have a proper understanding of how your personal data collected and handled by us